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These are some of my favorite web sites.

Vintage Hat Shows

- collecting is the easy part, preserving is the important part!

Light Impressions - Archival Supplies

Minnesota Historical Society - Textile Conservation

Hat Dictionary - yes, there really is such a thing!

- wouldn't it be fun to visit each one!

Minnesota Historical Society -
Textile Collections

Goldstein Museum of Design - Textile Collections

Tasha Tudor Museum - Textile Collections

The Hat Museum - (Need I say more!)

Galliera, Musee - Paris
Musee de la Mode et du Textiles - Paris

Victoria & Albert Museum


- shopping, shopping, shopping...

Vintage Vogue - LaCrosse, WI
(great prices - fabulous owner)


Rose Mille - Stillwater, MN (vintage millinery supplies)

Country Charm Antiques - Stillwater, MN

Winona's Haddit Antiques - Stillwater, MN (quality)

Lula - StPaul, MN

My Sister's Closet - Minneapolis,MN

Via's Vintage - Minneapolis, MN

The FROCK - (exquisite & designer vintage)

1860-1960 - (great hats/great prices)

Vintage Martini - Carrollton,TX (great hats/great prices)

Bobbi Dene's - TX (beautiful vintage/excellent seller)

- a photo says a thousand words...

Kathrine Myrah Photography (Not only is her photography amazing, but her friendship and family are too!)

Melissa Baartman Photography
Melissa did all of the wonderful photography on this site.

Kathrine Myrah Photography
(relax, & enjoy the site - candy for the eyes)

Minnesota's Best Small Town
- at least we seem to think so!


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