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"A Century of Hats" - 1860-1960
From the Sunbonnet to the Pillbox, there is an exquisite array of Hats in this show. Every decade will hold a tale of the past that is sure to evoke fond memories for all.

"A Brimful of Memories" - 1850-1918
This show centers on the Victorian and Edwardian years. This period of history is rich with amazing Hats & Bonnets that will take you back to a more gentle time.

"Oh those Flappers" - 1920-1934
The Roaring 20's, the Charleston and those Glorious Flappers! Some of the finest examples of Millinery are in this show. Cloches of every shape and size, Headache Bands and Profile Hats typify this wild decade.

"Where did you get that Hat?" - 1940-1952
Tiny Toppers, Doll Hats and Toy Hats start out this decade making a statement all on their own! Of course, we can't forget "Rosie the Riveter's" work wear - Coveralls and a Head Scarf.

vintage hat shows

Vintage Hat Shows

Vintage Hat Shows

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Wearing a hat versus not wearing a hat is the difference between looking adequate and looking your best

Martha Sliter

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