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Heather's Hats was absolutely wonderful! The spirit that was brought back to my residents by wearing [her] beautiful hats was fabulous. Their faces lit up and laughter filled the room as our resident models displayed Heather's wonderful collection! It was an afternoon to remember and one that many will not forget. Thank you, Heather, for an unforgettable experience.
Anna Kramer, Sarah Chudnow Campus, Mequon, WI

Thank you again, ever so much, for your presentation at the Elstad church this past Saturday morning. Your gifts and skills at presentation are well honed and well accepted. People of faith are blessed with the gifts of joy and laughter ~ both of which were evident by the response of the guests gathered. Yours is a special ministry to moms and grandmothers ~ seek to keep heritage alive and teaching the next generation values that are beginning to wane from our culture. Thank you for including that in your presentation. Blessings to you as you continue your journey with vintage hats.
Ruth Abrahamson

Hat shows

It was absolutely extraordinary! The ladies at our café were the models and we set up a "cat walk"…We had a lovely afternoon of lunch and entertainment. Heather took the time to take photos with the ladies as well as share her passion for hats. She made everyone feel special and she captivated the audience with all of her stories. Heather has a wonderful program that brings everyone back to the days when hats were worn. I have and will continue to recommend Heather's Hats.
Kate Paz, Mather's–More than a Café, Chicago, IL

Vintage Hat shows

Heather's presentation was charming, educational and enthusiastic. Her knowledge of the periods, associated hats and their stories made her presentation a wonderful event for our participants. Heather worked with our audience to make the Vintage Hat Show a memorable experience. Book Heather for a Mother/Daughter or Grandmother/Granddaughter event. You'll be pleased you did!
Eric Nagel - Buffalo Community Center, MN

Did not know what to expect when the Vintage Hat Show was announced. It was a delightful surprise. The hats and the stories that went along with them were great. She involved the audience with having them model the hats! Heather was very organized and you knew she cared about her presentation. The program will be hard to top! We are looking forward to her next show!
Jean Dvorak, Sunrise at Fountain Square

Vintage Hat shows

A great show where young and old will enjoy the beautiful hats and the story that comes with. A real treat and great experience.
Kimberly White, Sunrise at Fountain Square

Thank you for making the 150th Luncheon and Style Show such a memorable event for all who attended. Your presentation was so interesting and entertaining. Everyone LOVED IT!
Sarah Dohnalu, Sesquicentennial Chairperson, La Crescent, MN

Thank you so much again for your presentaion, "A Century of Hats" at our CCW Spring Tea. The ladies were quite impressed! Your love of history really adds so much plus your enthusiastic manner. We will recommend you whenever we can.
Mrs. S. Fleischhacker, CCW, Maple Grove, MN

Thank you for bringing your hats to the Ecumencial Housing Corporation. Our residents truly enjoyed wearing and modeling the various hats. Weaving historical moments; imagining our mothers' and grandmothers' eras brings us more into focus with the past and our future. They say laughter is the best medicine, thank you for the spoon full of sugar!
Sandy Statz, Admin. Asst., Ecumenical Housing Corp., Madison, WI

Vintage Hat Shows

I asked Heather to put on her program for my "Red Hatters" group late last year. She asked two of the ladies to be models, which not only personalized the program, but made those two ladies feel good about themselves, which as a woman, is hard to put a price on. It was a history lesson as well as a fashion show, which made it a pleasurable experience for the men who attended as well…a great show.
Janet Pehowki, Luther Haven, Milwaukee, WI

Your presentation added a lot to the history of the hats. Having models was the perfect touch to the show. Lots of our guests are looking and asking about the next show. Thanks again!
Lou Lehner, President of St John's LWML, Winsted, MN

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Few women have ever been able to resist the temptation to try on a hat and discover in the mirror a person they never suspected was there. A hat alters the image we have of ourselves, and the image others see as well. For the hours we wear it, it brings out different dimensions in our personality, much as a costume aids an actress in her role.

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